Thursday, February 5, 2009

Southern Maryland Residents Lets Save Money

We have all been hit one way or another!
So, it is time to take a look at ways to cut back your debt to offset your income and adjust our thinking. Most of us Americans did live beyond our means. Feeling the pinch, its time to alien our lives. Here are a few things that may help all that are reading.
Property Tax Assessments have arrived in my area. To my surprise, I had two adjacent lots (same size) assessed or valued at a difference of 100K. This means $1450.00 more than I should be paying. Check out your tax assessments and challenge them. For best defense don't appeal in writing request a personal hearing with an assessor. Another error I found that tax assessment office did correct immedialtely, was my home was not applied as a primary residence, therefore I was not receiving "The Homestead Tax Credit" . This was an additional reduction in my tax bill of $400 annually. If you need help send email me at: or go to my website:

Call your local cable company, phone company, electric company and see if they have any specials. You will be surprised what they will do if you explain your circumstances or are terminating service to go to a another company that has a better plan/offer.

I found a website that will save you money on groceries. A family of four (teenage friends too), spend alot of money in groceries, this will help alot is you get organized. For all you new parents, this is great for savings on baby's needs...

Electric! (Southern Maryland Electric) has raised our electric rates from approximately 3 cents a kilowatt about 14 months ago to almost 13 cents a kilowatt. It is as bad as the wall street CEO's and bonuses. "They should be shamed too"
Unplug or turn off the items in your home that are always on.i.e... coffee pots, microwaves, computers, printers etc..
Health Insurance! I sopke with a couple of insurance companies this week and to my amazement, I obtained new insurance with a better company, lower deductable, better plan for a whopping savings of $120 month....
I have also sent out address of properties I own to have quotes on homeowners insurance. Will let you know the outcome.

I hope this helps a little! I will update as my seach continues..

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Best Friends
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